Season 5 credits sequence

The detail in the opening credits of The Expanse is awesome! For the detail-oriented viewer, there’s a lot to enjoy. Tracking the differences from episode to episode, we can see that the plot developments are reflected in the opening shots, or elements in the shots. This post presents the opening sequence changes compared to seasonContinue reading “Season 5 credits sequence”

510: Nemesis Games

Plot points As they were headed against the Roci, Drummer turns against Karal and forces her family to strike down the Free Navy ships. In retaliation, Marco has Serge (the exchange husband on the Pella) killed; Drummer’s family splits. Naomi manages to warn Alex/Bobbie about the proximity bomb on the Chetzemoka and gets rescued; AlexContinue reading “510: Nemesis Games”

Set Design – Jessica Marie Terry

All the details on some Season 3 spaceship interiors by set designer Jessica Marie Terry, taken from her site. The UNN Agatha King, the UNN Thomas Prince, the OPAS Behemoth, the Rocinante, and the MCRN Xuexen‘s dropship/skiff.

Behind the scenes – Tony Ianni

See sets being built by Art Director & Production Designer Tony Ianni – taken from his twitter. #TheExpanseArtDept #ExpanseArtDept Season 3 Season 4


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