205: Home

Plot points Eros breaks the laws of physics by accelerating towards Earth. In the attempt to stop Eros, Earth relinquishes control of half her nuclear arsenal to Fred Johnson. Miller explores inside Eros and finds a Julie merged with the protomolecule; he manages to convince her to divert Eros to Venus. Eros crashes on Venus.Continue reading “205: Home”

204: Godspeed

Plot points Avasarala is on to Errinwright and Mao’s secrets. The Nauvoo is launched to intercept Eros. Belters, including Miller and Diogo, plant bombs on the Eros docks to prevent intruders, but Miller ends up stranded on Eros. Holden has to destroy a humanitarian aid ship, the Marasmus, when it refuses to comply with theContinue reading “204: Godspeed”

203: Static

Plot points The Roci crew sort-of relaxes on Tycho while repairs are conducted on the ship. Johnson and Holden learn more about the protomolecule through the last surviving Protogen scientist, Cortazar. Earth destroys the Martian moon Deimos in retaliation for the destruction of Phoebe. Avasarala reaches out to Fred Johnson to try to avoid furtherContinue reading “203: Static”

202: Doors & Corners

Plot points The Rocinante with the help of Fred Johnson mount an assault on Thoth, the Protogen secret station that was responsible for Eros The lead scientist tries to warn of the alien threat that humanity faces, but Miller shoots him  Continuity First appearances: Camina Drummer (Johnson’s second in command, unnamed); Staz (OPA Belter also inContinue reading “202: Doors & Corners”


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