606: Babylon’s Ashes

Plot points Laconia, under Duarte, shuts itself from the rest of the Rings, with the aim to use the protomolecule technology against the red entities. The coalition of Earth, Mars and Belters mount an attack against Marco’s Free Navy while the Roci takes over Marco’s railguns at the Ring station. Naomi devises a way toContinue reading “606: Babylon’s Ashes”

Season 6: One Ship

The five One Ship shorts come as extras to each of the season 6 episodes (minus the finale), they are very enjoyable overall. They are one-act stories of about 5 minutes each, giving insights into the characters. Each comes with a voice-over introduction about the Belter doctrine of “One Ship” which expresses how everything isContinue reading “Season 6: One Ship”


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This is a blog dedicated to The Expanse by James SA Corey as it is adapted into live action by Alcon Entertainment, currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Earther at heart; Mars dreamer; Belter sympathizer.

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