508: Hard Vacuum

Plot points Naomi is trapped aboard the Chetzemoka, stripped, rigged as a bomb and transmitting a fake distress signal; she engineers a solution to tamper with the signal. Drummer & fam feel uncomfortable under the new Free Navy rule. Holden and Bull don’t find the protomolecule in the ruins of the Zmeya. Amos and ClarissaContinue reading “508: Hard Vacuum”

507: Oyedeng

Plot points Naomi tries to bond with Filip and reason with Cyn; but Marco asserts his dominion over them. Marco has Cyn rig the Chetzemoka with explosives, planning to destroy the Roci. Naomi jumps off the Pella onto the Chetzemoka without a suit. Holden and Bull track the Zmeya, which self-destructs instead of falling intoContinue reading “507: Oyedeng”

Behind the scenes – Kim Sison

Pre-production and production with art department / graphic designer Kim Sison – taken from her twitter and instagram. (continuously updated as more material is posted) Prints that become design elements or tattoos are called vinyls. #screamingfirehawks & #productiondogs Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5

Graphic Design – Kim Sison

Elements from graphic designer and illustrator (and dog lover) Kim Sison – taken from her site. Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Interview during season 4 production:


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This is a blog dedicated to The Expanse by James SA Corey as it is adapted into live action by Alcon Entertainment, currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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